Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

The Easter weekend weather was beautiful here in SE Minnesota, so we took full advantage!  It was great to be outside!

Saturday morning, Hazel, Clara, and I headed to the Easter for Kids event at our church.  This included some fun songs and devotion and also an Easter egg hunt at the park next door.  Clara loved finding the eggs and discovering what was inside.  Lots of Oooos and Ahhhhs ensued.  It was a little windy, but definitely comfortable enough to be outside. 

From there we headed to my parents house for lunch and grandparent snuggles.  Dad, Clara, and I headed out on the 4-wheelers for a ride around the fields and through the woods.  Hazel hung back with grandma. 

On Easter morning, Clara FINALLY got to wear her new dress and shoes that she has been bugging me about since we bought them a few weeks ago!  She was so excited about her new dress, and her new “church sandals”.  It doesn’t take much to get her excited these days – just tell her something is “new” and she’s all over it.

Following a beautiful Easter service at our church, we headed to relatives for dinner.  Again, the weather was gorgeous, so Clara was outside playing with the other kids, basically the entire time we were there.  She even ate part of her lunch outside, then came in to tell us the dog had eaten her cookie… 

Soaking Clara's dress... Too much fun to be had to stay clean!

After some quick naps late in the afternoon, we were all outside again, cleaning up the yard and doing chores.  The baby chicks and ducks are getting so big already – it’s crazy how fast they grow.  Overall it was a great weekend – somewhat relaxing and the weather was more than we could ask for.  Yea for Spring! 

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  1. it is so cute to see the soaking pictures. Or kids opted to wear new clothes out for play too. Made the note to self.....stain treat :) Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Loved seeing all the smiles and reading about your awesome weekend!