Friday, January 3, 2014

Fashion Friday - Christmas Outfit

I’m feeling a little pathetic that this seems to be the only thing I can post with any kind of continuity.  But honestly I feel like life is so boring right now.  Even with the holidays and everything, I don’t feel like I have anything to write about. 

I woke up, Paul woke up, the girls woke up…  I went to work, Paul went to work, the girls went to daycare/school… I came home, Paul came home, the girls came home… we did chores, we ate supper, we went to bed.
Wow – that’s exciting stuff right there.

So let’s write about what I wore.
Because that is SO much more interesting!  :P

I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve.  I'm still a firm believer in getting a new outfit for Christmas.  Hasn't always happened in my adult life, but it is fun to get something new for a special occasion.  I had plans to wear another dress, but I never got it hemmed, and I still wanted to wear a dress with my boots, so this is what I came up with.

Like that black dress?  Yeah, it’s my swimming suit cover up.  No lie.  But it’s works.
And I think this was the first time I had worn tights/nylons since I was in FFA… 12 years ago!  Can’t say that I missed them all that much, but it definitely made the outfit.

If anything, I wish there was a little more color going on here.  But I literally threw this outfit together in 15 minutes after realizing my other dress was not hemmed, and still needing to get the girls dressed and out the door for church at 4pm!  So like I said, it works.

Grey (or is it Gray?) Boyfriend Sweater – Old Navy Plus
Black “dress” – actually Nicole Miller Swimming Cover – Similar dress
Grey tights – Merona
Scarf – again, got this one at Old Navy and can’t find a good replacement.  Sorry!
Brown Boots – – Brash Zane Riding Boot