Monday, September 19, 2011

Clara & Lucy

On boring weekends... when I'm left alone with a 15-month old and 2 cats... things like this happen -

"Hi! My name is Clara!"

"and this is my cat, Lucy!"

"I like to pet Lucy."

"and run her fur against my forehead..." (which causes mom some concern...)

"and snuggle with her. I love my Lucy!"

Weekend Recap

It was actually a pretty boring weekend… nothing too exciting going on. But it seems like on the weekends like these I am able to spend more quality time with Clara and marvel at how big she is getting and all the things she can do!

I discovered she knows where her nose it. She does – just ask her. But don’t ask her too many times –then she just gets annoyed with you and gives you the “grumpy” face.

By the way, she has a “grumpy” face. I haven’t been able to capture it on film yet, but her eyes get slanty and her mouth turns into a pout. It’s super cute – you can’t help but laugh.

She also makes kissy faces… and “clucks” her tongue.

She LOVES music! Church organ, commercial jingle, pop on the radio, annoying toy… she bops and sways to it all.

She repeats a lot of what you say… or at least tries to.

She has added to her vocabulary… socks.

She is also quite the climber. More than once this weekend I found her moving the laundry basket full of clothes closer to the couch or coffee table so she could climb up on it.

She has the memory of an elephant. (they have good memories, right?) Yesterday when we got to Grandma’s, she walked right over to the drawer full of Tupperware, opened it up, and started pulling out the pieces.

We spent most of yesterday at my parent’s house. It was a rainy afternoon, so good for bumming and not doing anything. We went out to the shed and Clara had fun playing with the toys out there, petting Hank the dog and Shop-Kitty. She also had her first ride in the combine with Grandpa. She looked so little in the buddy seat, but laughed and giggled the whole time.

"I'll settle for this 4-wheeler for now... but someday soon I want to play on the BIG one!"

Riding with Grandpa in the Combine! The RED Combine! Because tractors are red and corn in green"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Girl

Long weekends are great – I finally had some time to spend with my wee-one. I can’t believe how much she changes every day. She is quickly becoming a “little girl” and not so much a “baby” anymore!

Walking is definitely her preferred mode of transportation and walking very fast is even better! She still falls a lot, but she is definitely not discouraged.

She likes to take the musical toy off the refrigerator in the kitchen and carry it around dancing to the music, like her own personal boom-box.

Mommy and daddy are clear as a bell. She also says baby, see?, why?, kitty, bye, hi, shoes (shs), and something that sounds like chicken. I even got a “mama no” out her the other day while trying to change her pants!

She is into everything! The other night while I was making supper she managed to clean out the bottom half of the pantry, and the cupboard with the small appliances. At least it kept her busy and quiet – no harm done!

Lately she has had an infatuation with the litter box… yuck. I’m all about germs, but this crosses the line! Good thing she likes to wash her hands.

Oh little Clara – you are growing too fast! It is fun to see how you change each day and the new things you learn. I hardly remember that little helpless babe I now only see in pictures. Love you!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer "Vacation"?

So other than my post yesterday, I realize it had been almost a month since my last post. I was reminded of this when a reader at the state fair told me she was sick of looking at the baseball picture everyday when she logged in. Sorry. Life gets busy, and August in just one of those months.

In very early August we decided to take off for a few days for a “vacation”. I say “vacation” because it ended up being a trip to cram in as many county fairs as we could, which isn’t my idea of a get-away. I let Paul plan it, since he has yet to enjoy a vacation I plan. My only stipulation was that there was some shopping in it for me at some point – and outlet shopping would be even better. I think this suggestion changed his plans a little, but he made it work.

We ended up attending 3 county fairs in one day. Washington County. Pine County. Crow Wing County. 3 Fairs = 3 carnivals, 3 sets of barns, 3 4-H buildings… and 3 times the food! We made away with some pretty good freebies too – a book for Clara, several balloons, pencils, and 2 Fleet Farm T-shirts.

Checking out the horses at the Pine County Fair

Crow Wing County Fair - we only got a few looks while taking this photo.

We were so ready to crash that night when we made it to the hotel. Clara had been cooped up in the carseat or stroller all day and was CRAZY when we finally allowed her to fun free. We hit the pool, then got ready for bed. Clara only lasted half the night in the pack and play before ending up in the bed between us. We’ve never bed-shared, so I was hesitant, but she slept like a rock.

The next day we headed to the outlet mall and I was able to find some Fall/Winter clothes for Clara. By then, Paul was ready to go home.

We were back home in time for supper.

So our weekend “get-away” turned into a 2-day road trip.

But that’s fine.

I’ll hit him up for the Bahamas this winter.