Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I got a tattoo.

I have wanted one for several years, but the stars just never quite aligned for me. I have several friends who expressed interest in getting one with me, but when it came right down to it… it was just talk. Then, a few months ago my sister and I started talking about getting one together. Our July appointment fell through, but yesterday worked out – it was THE day!

We had decided to get the same design, so it would be like a “sister thing”. Since she already has a foot tattoo, she decided to get hers on her wrist.
She went first and reassured me it didn’t hurt.

Then it was my turn. I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt… it did. But it’s not the worse pain I have ever felt and once it was done the pain was gone. I would equate the pain to someone stepping on your foot with a deep-tredded shoe and twisting back and forth… for about 10 minutes. Actually, I’m not sure it even took 10 minutes… he was fast!

I love it.

It’s exactly what I wanted.

It’s the perfect reminder on those rough days how truly blessed I am.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Love and Marriage

A week ago, I said some mean things about my dear husband on facebook. Although there was truth to everything I said, I feel like I need to redeem myself.

Things that annoy me about my husband:
- He does not turn his nasty socks right side out before throwing them in the laundry.
- He sucks at expressing his feelings (shocking for a man, huh?).
- He always puts his dirty dishes in the sink, then fills it 2 or 3 times before actually washing them. (I know, I know… I should be happy that he washes dishes at all)
- He is always right (or at least he THINKS he is always right).
- He has really sucky judgment.

The one thing that makes the above tolerable? I absolutely love him to pieces.

Marriage is always puppies and rainbow colored unicorns hard. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes can majorly suck at being a wife. I get pissy, moody, completely unlovable and a straight up b-word. (Don't judge, I am trying to improve on my sailor mouth). I sometimes wonder how he has put up with me for 7 years and married to me for almost 5.

But the fact is that nothing can break the commitment that we made to each other and God, especially now with Clara in the picture. We love each other and would do almost anything for each other. THAT has never been questioned.

So, I will try to turn the b-word down a notch and be the loving, KIND person that I committed to be – not all the time, but as much as I can. Because Clara and I are the luckiest people in the world to have Paul, we really are. Everything else doesn't matter.

This pic was taken over 2 years ago... man we look young! :)