Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sorry… (Birthday Post!)

for the lack of posts! One of the biggest milestones of the year and I am more than a week late telling you about it… epic blogging FAIL. So if you're still around and are giving me another chance… thanks! J
The timing of Clara's birth was awesome – I had the whole summer off and didn't have to participate in some of the more stressful parts of my job. Unfortunately, that also means that this year (and from here on out) Clara's birthday fell during the most busy and stressful time of the year for me. By the Thursday before her birthday I just had a bad attitude about it… her party was just one more thing I had to plan and make lists for. Granted, my family helped me out a ton – my parents hosted the shin-dig, so I didn't have to clean my house, and my mom made Clara's outfit, and picked up the cake. There were plenty of things on the "nice to have, but not necessary" list that just didn't happen. Overall, I was satisfied with how it all turned out. Most importantly, we have a healthy, happy, and thriving 1-year-old and couldn't feel more blessed!

We had her party on June 25th (her actual birthday). The morning started out early as she apparently didn't want to waste a minute of her birthday on sleeping! We had oatmeal for breakfast, which she loved. I was more than a little annoyed with Paul, who insisted on doing everything other than the one task I had given him that morning (loading the car). Every time I turned around he was picking strawberries, or weeding the garden, or playing on facebook.

Once we got to my parents', we unloaded the car, got the food going, and decorated. I didn't go overboard by any means, just a banner and a few balloons – it was enough to give a festive flare without going crazy. We had an owl theme, with brown, green, and pink accents. For lunch, we served pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, lettuce salad, fruit salad, and of course… cake!

Clara's Cake

Guests at the party!

Playing with balloons

Clara had no interest in opening gifts. She was completely distracted after opening one, so her cousins helped her out. She got lots of fun gifts! We used http://www.mygiftlist.com/ to share some gift ideas with the guests.

The cake went well – Clara dug right in with little prompting. It was fun to see her being able to smoosh it around and try to eat it. I had gone with white cake to minimize the staining potential J

The party was said and done by about 4:30pm and then we headed home to crash! With no nap – Clara was cranky and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the carseat. She slept for a good 3 hours before waking up around 7:30pm ravenous! With some supper in her belly and a little more playtime, she fell back asleep for the night.

I still can't believe we have a 1-year-old. A year has never passed so quickly. I'll admit I was sentimental all weekend, thinking about what we were doing a year ago at that time… I also spent time looking at pictures of sweet baby Clara – how much she has grown and changed and how much Paul and I have grown and changed over the past year. It's pretty amazing.

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