Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother of the Year!

The story I am about to tell happened on Friday, but this weekend was so busy I barely had time to shower, let along blog, so I'm sharing it now.

and in case you're curious, I DID shower this weekend. Twice.

On Friday, I needed to get a few things in Rochester, so after lunch I loaded up Clara and headed to Target. I got a rockstar parking spot right up front! Clara was a little fussy, but overall in good spirits and I wanted to keep it that way. Instead of hauling the whole diaper bag into the store (because you hate doing it, but when you don't you inevitably need something that is in it) I decided to make up a bottle and put it in my purse. So I made the bottle, then went to the backseat to get Clara out. I attached the keys to my purse and hit the lock button so I wouldn't have to juggle Clara, my purse, and locking the car on my way into the store. know where this is going don't you...

I unbuckled Clara, then realized I had left the bottle in the cup holder up front. I got out and shut the back door... and knew immediatley what I had done. I had locked my keys in the car! Oh yeah, and my purse (with phone)... and CLARA! I uttered several explitives under my breath... peered in through the window to see a happy smiling Clara... and then worked out my game plan!

I flagged down the first lady that walked by and asked her to go in and ask someone at the service desk to come out with a phone and phone book since I had locked my keys and my DAUGTHER in my car! A few minutes later a security guard came out and helped me call a locksmith to come and open the door. 15 minutes and $40 later I had my daughter back in my arms! ...and we headed into Target because I STILL needed a few things!

Lesson learned. At least it wasn't 90-degrees out - then I think I would have panicked a little more! Just call me Mother of the Year! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Meepers!

Remember those 4 hens I was talking about that were sitting on eggs? Well, they were actually successful in their venture of hatching chicks! We went out to the coop the other day to a chorus of little "meep, meep, meeps!" Two fuzzy, tiny baby chicks poked their heads out from between the hen's feathers - so cute!

There are still probably a dozen eggs under those hens... we'll see if we get anymore!

House Hunting

This is our little house. No, make that "tiny house"... it has about 600 sq ft of livable space.

It's in the country. No, make that "the middle of nowhere"...

I'm not sure how much complaining I have done on here about our current living situation... but well - I'm not a fan.

When we got married, I vowed I wouldn't live here for more than 5 months... that was almost 5 years ago... and I'm ready to move! When we got pregnant, we thought, "OK we need to move." ...but then Clara came along and we made it work. Then we thought, "this will only work until she is 6 months old." ...but we're still here and we're still making it work. But if baby #2 is ever going to be in the picture, we REALLY need to find a new place!

I like being in the country, don't get me wrong - it's usually quiet and we can have the chickens, a garden (or field), an outdoor clothes line, and it has a great view... it really is nice. But we are 12 miles to the nearest gallon of milk. It's annoying when going anywhere requires at least a 15 minute drive.

We have the money, we just haven't been able to find the place we want yet. I have found a few houses in town that I would love to look at, but Paul is dragging his feet. I don't blame him, living in town isn't my first choice either, but it doesn't have to be forever. The houses I found have giant backyards that will be perfect for his gardening and lots of space to landscape.

Maybe I'll just keep dreaming... but I hope a different house is in our near future!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So Blessed Saturday

I love the way Clara smells... like sleep, and baby wash, and sour milk, and potty, and the perfume of the last person she snuggled with... It's so intoxicating - I could sit and snuggle and drink in her smell all day.

Until she turns 13 and tells me to "stop being so weird mom." :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Girl Car-seat!

We switched one of Clara's car seat last night! After lots of researching, waiting for sales, scratching my head, and procrastinating... I finally did it! I purchased a Graco MyRide 65 for Paul's car a long time ago (BRU's trade-in sale) since we use that car 95% of the time when we go out as a family. I wanted a good carseat for my car, but since she doesn't ride in my car that often, I settled for one that was a little cheaper and didn't have quite as many bells and whistles. I had checked out the Graco ComfortSport's at Target several times, but always left without making the big purchase.

Clara is technically too big for her infant seat... but since her head is still 1" below the top of the seat, her Dr said she is still fine - her legs just hang over the edge quite a bit. I was holding out until warmer weather, as I don't have a heavy coat for her and it was easy to just put her in the infant seat and cover her with a few blankets and a hat.

Yesterday I was at Target and the Graco ComfortSport was on sale, and I had an empty cart... nothing to hold me back! I chose the black and white one over the uber girly one since we hope to use it for more than one child.

When I got home and unloaded it, Paul said, "you got the brown and pink one huh?" I said, "No, I got the black and white one..." as I turned the box around to see a GIANT picture of a brown and pink carseat. Seriously!! ugh! I'm too lazy to take it back... we'll deal.

She hasn't had much of a chance to ride in it yet, other than back and forth to Grandma's for daycare... but so far she likes it! It was a pretty straight forward as far as installation goes... my trailblazer has a few issues as far as the LATCH system goes, but we were able to get it in and get it tight. Taking out the old base and installing this seat took about 45 minutes - which included a thorough reading of the instructions, and few trips into the house...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leaps and Bounds...

Last Sunday I read the 9 month chapter of What to Expect the First Year. I felt like Clara was behind on everything that she should be doing by this age. I know, I know... all kids develop at different rates and we shouldn't compare with other kids... but that's hard.

Well, this week has been a rollercoaster of learning for Clara! On Wednesday, she was able to get herself from laying to sitting for the first time and now does it like it's no big deal. On Sunday she really started taking off in the crawling department - no more army crawling for this big girl! Hands and knees crawling all the way! She is all over the living room and her room, and is showing even more interest in toys.

Tonight she started waving! She saw herself in the darkened window and started waving at herself. It's this cute little wrist wave and I just can't get enough of it!

OK - now I don't feel so bad :)