Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of Solid Food

In my last post I stated that Clara was gobbling down solid food like a champ. She has no problem with getting the food into her belly, but apparently her belly wasn't ready! Our happily sleeping baby started waking every hour to half hour every night - she wasn't up this much when she was a newborn! So, my mom to the rescue, suggested we stop with the cereal and see what happened. Two nights later she was sleeping much better again. So I guess she just wasn't ready. A few weeks have passed and we are ready to try again! I fed her some cereal again last night and she gulped it right down! She slept pretty well last night too, only waking twice. She has started wanting a bottle at 4-5am, so I'm guessing she is hungry and needs more than the formula.

I would be totally OK with this timeline, but I have been reading some books on making baby food and they all say that babies should be well on there way in the solid food world by 6 months. Our pediatrician is not a huge proponant of solids before 6 months, so I was happy with what I was doing. And I still am... because she wasn't ready anyway! We'll see how the next few days go!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Miss Clara sprouted two little teeth this past weekend! She was very sneaky about it too... I wouldn't have even realized if I hadn't caught a glimpse of them! She was a little off on Friday at day care and Saturday night she was a bit cranky. On Sunday in church I told my sister that I thought she might be working on some teeth... carrie stuck her finger in there and said they were through!

She has been gobbling up the rice cereal too. I mix a little fruit baby food with it, and she eats the whole bowl. I can't believe how fast she is growing up!