Monday, November 22, 2010

A Little Behind... Halloween Post!

Life has been absolutely INSANE the last few weeks. I normally write my blog posts during my breaks at work... I haven't taken any breaks in at least 4 weeks - there is simply too much to do! Between homework, prepping for several 4-H events, trainings, Luther League events, and taking care of Clara, I haven't had 2 minutes to myself in over a month! I am ready for the holidays to get here because then it seems life will slow down a little!

Here is our little lamb on Halloween:

Since we live in the middle of nowhere - going door to door trick or treating wasn't really an option, so we went up to Zumbrota and stopped at my parents house and my grandpa's apartment. We got a late start (thanks to Paul) and Clara was tuckered out by the time we were done in Zumbrota, so we headed home for bed. She looked super cute in her costume!