Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's Check-in

Clara has a hemangioma. We thought it was just a "stork bite", but it started to get larger and darker. Today at the check-in, I had the nurse look at it and she said it's a hemangioma. She explained that it will probably get larger and "angrier," but that it will eventually fall off on its own. It is on her stomach, which is actually a good place because it won't get agravated very easily there. I had to google it of course, Wikipedia says it is, "an abnormal lump of blood vessels, a tumor present at birth." OK, so I know it's harmless, but tumor is still a scary word! The nurse said they will document it at her 2 month appointment and keep tabs on it as she grows.

Today we met up with Morgan and her little guy Mason. Morgan and I were in 4-H together, and attended the same pre-natal classes. Her guy came a week early and a week before Clara. We had failed to run into each other during the post-natal check-ins, so we made it a point to be there at the same time today. It was great to see her little guy and introduce her to Clara. We talked about lots of new mommy things. Mason is so cute and has the longest, thickest dark hair! He also has beautiful eyes!

Clara weighed 11lbs 10oz. Her growth has slowed down some which is good. She has been really gassy, erpy, and fussy tonight. I hope she sleeps OK!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

8 Weeks Old

Tomorrow, Clara will be 8 weeks old. It is crazy how fast time is going! I have 1 month left of my maternity leave, and I am both dreading going back to work and looking forward to it. I have a to-do list of stuff I need to get done before then, but I am working on it!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary and Paul opened the store today - so we were busy!

Clara is growing and changing everyday. I love her smiles for me in the morning when I go to get her up! Lots of cooing and giggling... it is so much fun! At her last check-in she weighed 11lbs 2oz. Her hair is still crazy and standing on end. She really likes having it brushed too.

Last night we made the trip to the Houston County Fair in Caledonia. That makes 9 county fairs that Clara has attended this summer: Cannon Valley, Winona, Fillmore, Wabasha, Olmsted, Goodhue, Rice, Carver, and Houston. Sadly, we didn't take a picture at any of them! Paul is a fair junkie, he even has a Fair Exchange pass so that we always get in free. It is easy to take Clara now because she isn't begging for anything!

That's about it for now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Middle Name is Not Bessie...

I have thought of at least a dozen different ways to start this post...

-I want to thank everyone who has supported me in any way...
-I guess it just wasn't meant to be...
-I failed...
-Sometimes it does matter how much planning you do...

So anyways... I am not breastfeeding anymore. It was one of the hardest decisions I have made, but I know that it is the right one. I had been feeding and pumping for the last 6 weeks, but what I could produce was not enough to keep up with Clara. I was usually getting about 1oz, if I got 2oz I was doing a happy dance! Clara is eating 5oz a feeding... so needless to say, she could not survive on me alone. I had tried everything the LC's had suggested and everything I could find on the internet to try to increase my production... increasing water intake, taking Fenugreek, marathon pumping every hour for a day, even eating oatmeal... and I HATE oatmeal... but nothing increased it more than half an ounce. I was getting pretty discouraged and stressed about the whole situation. I talked with my doctor it at my last appointment. She told me to think about why I was putting myself through all this... was it because Clara getting 1oz of breastmilk per feeding was really the best thing for her, or because I didn't want to fail at it. She had a point.

I was formula fed, and I know many other smart, well adjusted people who were. Formula has come leaps and bounds since I was a baby. Clara is growing and is a happy, smart baby.

It has only been a few days, but I can already see a change in me. I am not spending my day looking at the clock, figuring out how much time I have before I have to pump again. I'm not constantly washing pump parts. I have more time to play with Clara and I am loving it!

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me in anyway through this. Like I said, this wasn't any easy decision, and it isn't the right decision for everyone. But for us it works - maybe we'll try again with Baby #2 :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Over...

My pregnancy. It's officially over. Yesterday I had my 6-week postpartum check-up. Everything is healed and I had an IUD inserted. So I guess this means that it is really over. Why am I so broke up about this? Because I really enjoyed being pregnant. I know I complained about some things, but overall it was such a great experience. I loved the excitement of it all - the anticipation. I loved feeling her move inside me and cupping that little butt that poked out of my side each morning. I know that I get to hug and kiss her, see her smiles and smell her skin now, but it is still such a precious time when they are growing inside you. I miss it.

It's really hitting me today. I packed up all my maternity clothes for storage, as well as Clara's newborn clothes that don't fit anymore. My maternity leave is half over too.

The crazy thing is that we didn't even plan this! Clara was a complete and total "oops", but the best "oops"ever. God knew we were ready.

At 6 weeks Clara weighs 10lbs 6oz. She giggles, smiles, and definitely recognizes Paul and I. She sleeps at night for 6 hours at a time. She cries a little less during her baths, but they are still not the highlight of her day. We are cloth diapering full time during the day. We still use disposables at night because I haven't gotten the double-stuffing figured out yet.

She went to the Zumbrota swimming pool on Tuesday (August 3rd) for the first time with her cousins Colby and Chase. We dipped her feet in the pool, but that was it. Otherwise, she lounged in her carseat while the boys played and spashed. Unfortunately, we came home with a case of prickly heat.

I will try to keep updating this more regularly - it will definitley be easier once I get back to work and can do it during break!