Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two-cart Walmart Trip...

Today we had our 36-week doctor appointment, and Paul had the day off so we were able to go together. Jana did the strep-B test and also did an ultrasound to check for positioning. We all got a chuckle when she started moving around, "here is the head, the spine, the heart... and that's as far as we are going to go because we don't want to see anything important!" Baby L's head is sitting right on my cervix, and hopefully it will stay there! I am O cm dialated and 0% effaced, but I am totally OK with that. I'm in no hurry, although as I get more uncomfortable I might feel differently! But honestly, I am feeling GREAT right now. I lost another 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, which is still puzzling, but Baby L is still growing and that is what matters!

After the dr, we headed to Menards and then to Walmart to get some much needed groceries. We stocked up on toilet paper, and the basics so we won't run out in those first weeks when Baby L is here. Paul found some clothes, and pretty soon our cart was full... and we hadn't gotten any food yet! So Paul went and got another cart. The checkbook is definitely sore after a trip like that, but I feel more comfortable that we have what we will need to get us through for a while. I also picked up some post-partum underwear, to which Paul responded, "they're huge!" Oh, pregnancy is so glamorous! We found a going home outfit for a boy and a girl as well, $3 on clearance. If we get something cuter as a gift, I won't feel bed, because these were so inexpensive. I really hadn't looked at baby clothes that much in stores until today, and there were some cute things at Walmart on the clearance rack. I'm still so unsure though of what will be too warm to sleep in, etc... so I am holding off.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 36!

Total weight gain/loss: - not sure, I will find out at my appointment tomorrow!
Next appointment: Tomorrow
Maternity Clothes: some of my pants that don’t have the full tummy are starting to get a bit uncomfortable. They ride up over my belly which gives me a wedgie… not comfy!
Stretch Marks: Doesn’t really matter anymore…
Sleep: I love sleep – and wish I was getting a little more… yeah for the long weekend coming up!
Belly button in/out: In
Movement: not so much kicking as I can feel baby rolling and fighting for space in there – it must be getting tight!
Food cravings: I’m not really craving anything…
Contractions: off and on… but nothing painful
Best moment of the week: Getting some “nesting” done this weekend. I am feeling more prepared every day! I even assembled the bouncy seat last night BY MYSELF!
What I miss: not having everything turn me into an emotional wreck!
What I am looking forward to: Seeing Baby L on the next ultrasound
Milestones: clothes are washed, diaper bag is packed, changing table looks ready to go… need to get the bassinet from Carrie!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I spent a good portion of this weekend getting stuff ready and I feel much better about my level of preparedness! I got all the shower gifts home to our house, although the pile of boxes is still a bit daunting.
  • Washed all clothes we have, folded and separated into piles.
  • Washed all blankets
  • Sterilized breast pump parts
  • Started packing the diaper bag
  • Got boxes to pack up Paul's desk and stuff that needs to go into storage upstairs.

... but the list of To-Do's is still really long...

Last Pre-Natal Class

Thursday night we had our last pre-natal class, which means we are experts at giving birth and caring for a newborn... right? Maybe not, but I definitely feel more prepared for what could happen. We discussed pain relief measures and watched a video on epidurals. We also started working on our birth plan, which was actually very interesting. They had a good outline for us to start with, but also encouraged us to add whatever else we wanted. Then we toured the Birth Center floor of the hospital. Paul and I have been there before since that is where my sister delivered both of her boys, but it was still a great review. They had the room set-up like it would be for a birth so we had a better sense of where everything is and what it is used for. They also showed us how the bed comes apart, and explained step by step what happens during labor, birth, and immediately following birth. I had a hard time imagining myself as the one on that bed...
I am VERY satisfied with the classes that we took and am glad we decided to do them. Hopefully we will be putting all of our new knowledge to use soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 35!

Total weight gain/loss: -25 (yep – I lost another 2 pounds…)
Next appointment: May 27th 36 week appt, which means internal exams and an ultrasound!
Maternity Clothes: Still on the look-out for something to wear to Amy’s wedding in 2 weeks.
Stretch Marks: Doesn’t really matter anymore…
Sleep: I love sleep.
Belly button in/out: In
Movement: kicking and lots of hiccups. I also have a butt sticking out each morning!
Food cravings: Nothing specific… but still loving MILK! Paul on the other had has crazy cravings… the other night he bought a GIANT jar of pickles…
Contractions: off and on… but nothing painful
Best moment of the week: Coming home last night to a clean house!
What I miss: sleeping on my belly.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing Baby L on the next ultrasound
Milestones: I’m working on a to-do list to finish up some odds and ends.

Time is fleeting! Baby L will be here before we know it!

Weekend Recap

Yes, I know, it has been a week since my last post! I will try to make up for it!

Wednesday night we had our C-Section class. Although we are not planning on a c-section, I believe that knowledge is power, and the more we know the more comfortable we will feel if we end up in that situation. It was very interesting. We also got to tour the surgery suite, which is where my sister works! We didn't get to actually set foot in the OR because they had just cleaned the floors, and found out later my sister had left a note for us on the board in there. While I really don't want to end up with a c-section, if that is what God has planned, we are a little more prepared!

On Thursday I had another Dr appointment. Baby L is measuring about 2 weeks ahead. They will do an ultrasound at the next appointment to check for positioning and also to see if the baby is really ahead or if it is just fluid. We also had baby class on Thursday where we learned different pushing positions and practiced our breathing techniques. We also did some stretches. It was a long night of sitting on the floor, which my back did not appreciate! This Thursday we have our last class (eekk!) where we will be touring the birthing suites and maternity floor. My sister has delivered both of her boys there, so I have seen the rooms, but I have to start envisioning ME in one of those beds!
This weekend I headed to the cities for my annual Roomie Reunion. I lived in a townhome for 3 years in college with 5 other girls. Each year we get together to reminisce and reconnect. I look forward to it all year. Life has taken us all in different directions, but for one weekend a month it is like old times!

Some of the girls brought me fun gifts for Baby L. Lisa and her sister are REALLY into and bought this super cute baby gift for me! It is a "baby" made out of a onesie, hat, pacifier, socks, blanket, and diapers. Too cute! She also found some teething links that are made out of felted wool... you all know I am totally going to try this, right? Kristin also brought me a gift of lots of fun things for Baby L, including a super sweet book!
It was a fun and busy weekend - I even got my first pedicure! Amazingly, I felt GREAT the entire time!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 34

Total weight gain/loss: -23
Next appointment: May 13th – this Thursday
Maternity Clothes: I miss having more than 3 pairs of pants to choose from…
Stretch Marks: Doesn’t really matter anymore…
Sleep: Sleep is hit or miss… some nights it is good, others not so much.
Belly button in/out: In
Movement: lots of movement, but it has changed location.
Food cravings: I am finally starting to get an appetite, but I still can’t eat very much at one sitting.
Contractions: yes – Saturday was scary – lots of PAINFUL contractions…
Best moment of the week: Mother’s Day
What I miss: see pants comment above…
What I am looking forward to: meeting Baby L!
Milestones: We have started our Labor & Delivery classes.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! I had a great day with my mom and and family. My mother is such a blessing to me - there is no way to put into words what she means to me. She is always there when I need advice, encouragement, to vent, or a hug. If I can be half the mother she has been and continues to be, I'll be doing good. LOVE YOU!!

Another great mother role model in my life is my little sister, Carrie. She has 2 little boys and I am always amazed by her. She is doing a great job of raising Colby and Chase, along with her husband Perry. I don't know what I would do without her - she is such a blessing! LOVE YOU!!

I woke up this morning to a sweet Mother's Day card taped to the bathroom mirror from Paul. What a sweetie! I shed a few tears as he told me about all of his dreams coming true in marrying me and starting a family! God has blessed me richly!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shower Pics

One of my "Hostesses with the Mostesses" sent me some pics that she took at the shower a few weekends ago! So here they are:

Everyone playing a game - because we all know that is everyone's favorite part of a shower! :)

Me checking out some of the great bedding items we received. That's my sister Carrie in the grey, doing the writing, and the cutie in front of me is my nephew Colby, who was helping me open the gifts.

My mom checking out one of the gifts.
That's it! Thanks Amanda for taking and sharing your photos!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Parenting FAIL

Last night Paul and I FAILED in the parenting department of our 2 fur-babies, Josie & Lucy.

We were outside working on the chicken coop for most of the night, and if we are outside, the cats are outside. We live in the country and it is good for them to get out, stretch their legs, and explore! They never wonder too far away from where we are and come when we call, so I feel fine about having them out there. We stayed out until it was dark then went in. I went to bed almost immediately, but Paul stayed up a little longer to check facebook and watch the news. Josie came to snuggle in bed with me while I was reading, and I figured Lucy was out having supper. I got up at about 1:30am to go to the bathroom and could not fall back asleep. I laid there for an hour and had this sinking feeling that something was not right. I finally got up to get a drink of water and Josie followed me into the kitchen. I stuck my head in the living room fully expecting to see Lucy curled up in the chair, but she wasn’t there! A quick survey of her favorite sleeping spots and still no Lucy! I went in the bedroom and asked into the darkness, “Paul, where’s Lucy?” Silence… then – “Is she still outside?” As I rushed to the door, the thoughts of all the creatures we have lurking in our neighborhood came crashing in – coyotes, dogs, eagles… I flipped on the porch light to see my precious calico pacing back and forth in front of the door! I opened the door and she couldn’t get in fast enough! She rushed to the food bowl, as she had missed her supper and began to chow down. I picked her up and gave her the once over, she looked fine. I crawled back into bed asking Paul if this parenting thing was really for us, as we had just lost track of our cat! Ten minutes later Lucy joined us in bed and I promptly fell asleep.

This morning she was her normal happy self, so she must not be holding a grudge against us too bad! What a night!

Week 33

Total weight gain/loss: -23.5
Next appointment: May 13th
Maternity Clothes: 100% pants, but still wearing a lot of my pre-pregnancy tops… they’re stretchy…
Stretch Marks: Honestly, I’ve stopped looking.
Sleep: Pretty good most nights. When I get up and can usually fall back asleep pretty easily.
Belly button in/out: In
Movement: Saturday was NON-STOP!
Food cravings: I haven’t really been craving anything lately, but I am pretty proud of myself for making supper 2 nights in a row!
Contractions: nope
Best moment of the week: Spending most of the day on Friday with my mom at her house just hanging out. We spent a lot of time talking and I got to look through my boxes of baby stuff that she organized for me. After my appointment that day I also stopped into see my sister down in surgery. LOVE visiting with her – wish our lives would slow down a little so we can spend a day together!
What I miss: wine
What I am looking forward to: Upcoming Doctor appointments – I have been assured that there is another ultrasound coming up!
Milestones: Have started thinking about packing up a bag for the hospital and getting the diaper bag packed!

Baby's now the size of a honeydew!
Things are heating up inside as well: Baby may grow up to a full inch this week alone, and his brain is developing like crazy. Pretty soon, he'll be able to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Also, his bones are hardening, and he's started to keep his eyes open when he's awake.